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The Urban Open Concept Board Room of Derwent Mills

Derwent Mills is a residential and commercial real estate community with beautiful outdoor living spaces. This retail center is just minutes from downtown Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The business center of the community is just a few miles away on U.S. Highway 75 in Fort Worth.


Through its urban open space design, Derwent Mills business location allows the tenants to enjoy a variety of real estate opportunities. With more than five thousand square feet of space for storage, Derwent Mills business owners can sell their items and turn around and recoup their investment in only a short period of time.


The board meeting begins with a welcome reception that is casual and not “in your face” with flowers or twinkling lights.

After greeting guests, a friendly and engaging leader leads each meeting. In the meeting room the staff brings fresh flowers and spreads out cookies and cakes for refreshments.


The board meeting room is highly modern. A wood paneled ceiling provides elegant accents and the staff provides comfortable seating and casual conversation throughout the business. The board room has a natural lighting system that helps bring the board room into the day-time environment that is located downstairs.


The employees of Derwent Mills appreciate their board room as an open approachable business center. There is no formal conference table or lectern and everyone has access to a meeting room. This approachable atmosphere encourages positive and honest communication.


Paperless board meetings can be held virtually in a web-enabled meeting room. The board room offers business information software, whiteboards, and white board displays to enhance the social network. You can use business video conferencing software to enhance the social network with your clients, vendors, and associates.


With online services for past and current clients and suppliers you can display important statistics and monthly payment and performance summaries for future e-commerce transactions. You can also store and manage files easily through desktop sharing applications.


Another outstanding feature in the board room is the opportunity to become part of a team and build relationships with your staff member or business partners. Through the built in LinkedIn networking community your personal interests and professional opportunities can be connected to other professionals.


Business managers, sales representatives, managers, and assistant managers are able to be connected to other business owners and their entire business teams. Derwent Mills board room provides a number of opportunities for networking with other board members in real estate, international marketing, online marketing, and sports marketing.


The board meeting includes wide-ranging topics.

Topics are constantly being discussed, and subject matter experts are assigned to present related topics. The primary focus of the board meetings is usually on board governance, but topics can also include real estate trends, financing issues, financial ratios, accounting practices, social issues, and economic forecasting.


The unique board meeting concept of Derwent Mills is a great way to get all your questions answered in a comfortable manner. The board meeting is a great way to communicate with your board members or managers and get your message across to them in a fun and relaxed environment.